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How Google's Physical Web and Apple's iBeacon will impact IOT

Feb 9, 2016 10:55:02 AM By newsletter Topics: Eddystone · Physical web

Apple's iBeacon was the first, but is Google's Physical Web the best? iBeacon is just one developing area of the Internet of Things (IOT), an exciting field that explores the potential connections between the physical world and the Internet. Google’s Physical Web is also emerging onto the IOT scene with a different angle of approaching the physical-virtual divide.

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FCC Cites Beacons as Potential Tech to Improve Wireless E911 Location Accuracy

Feb 8, 2016 5:03:29 PM By newsletter Topics: Indoor Proximity

Consumers are increasingly replacing land lines with wireless phones. The majority of wireless calls are now made indoors; and the majority of calls to 911 are from wireless phones. This increases the likelihood that wireless 911 calls will come from indoor environments where traditional location accuracy technologies optimized for outdoor calling often do not work effectively or at all.

More wireless calls are coming from indoors. In 1996, there were 33 million cellular subscribers in the United States. By the end of 2013, there were nearly 336 million wireless subscriber connections. At the end of 2007, only 15.8 percent of American households were wireless-only. During the first half of 2014, that number increased to 44 percent (more than two of every five American homes).

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