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Is a BeaconOutlet an Apple iBeacon?

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First glance reveals BeaconOutlets look and function like traditional electric outlets, but they are so much more. Their unique quality lies in their ability to broadcast Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone signals via an integrated Bluetooth Smart system. The skinny of it is: our outlets enable software solutions based around presence detection.

Among numerous other functionalities, BeaconOutlets send unique IDs or URLs into space. These are sometimes called UUIDs (iBeacon) or Physical Web URLs (i.e., Eddystone).  Apps on smartphones receive the ID or URL and can perform various tasks to improve everyday life.

Imagine a BeaconOutlet installed in a restaurant sends a website address to smartphones nearby. The web address links to the restaurant's menu on its website. As you approach the restaurant, your phone receives the signal and displays the link.


Physical Web Eddystone URL on Chrome iOS Physical Web Eddystone URL on Chrome iOS


All you then have to do is tap the link to view the menu. No apps, no passwords, no subscriptions. Somethings don't have strings attached.


Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu from Eddystone Physical Web URL


BeaconOutlets can also broadcast an iBeacon unique identification (UUID). Let's assume this UUID represents a conference room. Your phone will again receive the UUID signal as you approach the conference room. It then understands it's proximity to the conference room without relying on GPS or WiFi.

BeaconGrid Presence Detection

With this information, it may perform the relevant action. For example, it could send a notification asking if you'd like check into the conference room, or if the door to the room is locked, it unlocks upon your arrival.

BeaconOutlets (and beacons in general) enable solutions to remove friction associated with everyday life. In the first example, it removed the friction of downloading the restaurant's app only to view their menu. While it is not a substantial hurdle to download an app, giving away one's personal details to do so is often less than ideal.

In the second example, it removed the friction associated with manually checking into a conference room. For those of us always on the run, shaving even seconds off our time between meetings, work, and social activities can be essential.

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