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What is the best asset tracking technology?

Jul 12, 2017 10:57:07 AM By Lucy M Topics: asset tracking

So in our last article, I was able to talk a little bit about asset tracking. To recap: assets are any physical things--whether it’s personnel or high value objects, like portable printers, wheelchairs, or ECG machines--that need to be managed and effectively utilized on a large campus. Asset tracking is the means by which a manager, and potentially other staff members, can keep track of where any given asset is at a given time. That is, basically, if a campus has any kind of RTLS[real time location system] setup, the manager can look at a digital map of that campus and see the asset as an icon on that map. Also, if a manager prefers to go hands free and has an Amazon Echo, he or she can use Alexa to hear a verbal location of a given asset. Potentially, at least. All of this information can save time, increase efficiency, and prevent loss or damage to equipment. Which, you know, seems important if your equipment costs thousands of dollars already, yeah?  

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4 Reasons Bluetooth Beacons are Better than WiFi for Asset Tracking

Jun 22, 2017 11:05:00 AM By Lucy M Topics: RTLS · asset tracking

Running a huge campus would stress me out. It seems like one of those jobs where, when you’re doing it well, nobody notices. But, when there’s a problem, whether it’s delays in serving patients or clients, security problems, or a more urgent emergency, everyone wants the campus manager to fix it and they want it fixed now.

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