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Beacons and Privacy : Clearing the Air on a Hot-Button Topic

May 18, 2017 11:20:00 AM By newsletter Topics: Beacons

This is not “Minority Report.” Tom Cruise isn't going to come barrelling down the street at high speeds after you. We are not descending into a depressing, distopian future. The topic, Beacons and privacy, is another iteration of the apprehension and confusion following a new shiny piece of technology. It's not as interesting as "Minority Report," but the discussion sure helps to clear the air.

Beacons usher in new opportunities for technological advancement and engagement. Such innovation, however, is accompanied by understandable misunderstandings of the somewhat vague concerns of degraded personal privacy as a result of beacon technology.

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Bluetooth Beacon Technology 101: iBeacon & Eddystone Basics

Apr 28, 2017 11:00:00 AM By Connie Topics: Eddystone · ibeacon · bluetooth · Beacons

Sorting through your options among Bluetooth technology can be like trying to choose products in a foreign grocery store. Should I get the purplish thing or the yellowish thing? How are you supposed to eat this? Can someone please translate the signs?

To mitigate some of the confusion involved in choosing beacons, we have written this article to make navigating the landscape of Bluetooth beacons easier for you.

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